Filming RTS "Temps Présent

RTS turns to Studios Casagrande

Florence Fernex, director at RTS, contacted us for an "emergency" like many others in the audiovisual world.
As part of the shooting of a Temps Présent on apprentices, she needed a space to film the testimony of a young beautician.
We immediately said yes and welcomed a TV crew to form an ephemeral set at Studios Casagrande.
Cameraman, soundman, journalist, and director made sure to capture a living testimony while preserving the anonymity of the interviewee.
It was the first time that we shot in our studios specialized in still images. The experience was enriching and we are curious to see if it will be repeated
it will be renewed in one form or another...

Check out the full Temps Présent story "Apprentices get up early to earn little" that aired on February 18, 2016.