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Les Studios have maintained a start-up spirit since their creation, a little over 30 years ago... Nothing is ever taken for granted and we are always listening to your needs. Les Studios has never stopped developing original solutions, first for the broadcasting and attraction of your events, then for all your communication needs.

The Studios Casagrande Sàrl are composed today of (from right to left):

Pascal Casagrande

I define myself as an imaginer before being a photographer. Indeed, for me it is the work on the imagination that gives birth to images. When I was 16, I started to create fictions with my schoolmates. We made a slide show set in a cabaret in the middle of the war and I took a liking to it... I decided to train as an image artist at the Geneva Art School (ESAV), which gave me a broad perspective on all modes of visual expression, and then a little later in communication, at the Sawi (Bienne). After a first professional experience of 2 years at the TSR, I decided to start my own business at the age of 25 thanks to the support of a former teacher and friend Mirto Tanner. I made my small company grow with the joys and hazards of life for over 30 years.

In my fifties, I was led to explore the image beyond the finished product, as a process of care with Art Therapy at the Atelier Genève. Above all, I like to photograph people and give humanity to my services. I appreciate more than anything else to solve your communication issues by putting your ideas into images.

Jean-Michel Froidevaux

When I was 10 years old I received my first camera, a Kodak Starmite, it had a flash with single use bulbs and a 2 position diaphragm adjustment, it used a 4cmX4cm film format. I started taking pictures whenever I received a film and gave the film to the photographer to develop. Some years later I found in a book in the library the plans to build a pinhole camera with a chocolate box. The image appeared upside down on tracing paper when I put my head under a black cloth. It is at this moment that I approached the development and the printing by contact with the sun, because I obtained a negative during the shooting. Some time later I was given a 6 x 9 bellows camera with all the settings I could now do lots of testing. In college, I had the opportunity to take photography and lab courses. I then perfected my photo work with an acquaintance of my father who was a photographer. I continued my education as a self-taught person. During my studies in electronics, I realized small works in the photography in scientific environment. Thereafter in the professional framework, I took in charge photographic works which required the creation, the modification of devices to carry out photographs in a technical context. At each step it was new challenges to make these images. In parallel of my professional activities I had the opportunity to give courses as well of shooting as of laboratory. As soon as the first image processing software arrived, at the end of the 80's, Digital Darkroom and then Photoshop, I invested myself to master them and train users, photographers. In 91 I joined the art schools in Geneva for the introduction of computer graphics and the training of students and teachers. In this context, I actively participated in the introduction of the first digital cameras with their ecosystem. Digital photography had nothing to envy to film photography, constraints, much inferior results... but it was a new and very formative challenge, precursor of a radical change in technology.
Today my activity is essentially turned towards photography.

Eluan Alejo

I have been an image enthusiast since I was 13 years old, the first time I touched a camera was at a summer camp. A person came to do a reportage activity of the camp with the kids, and I got to be the cameraman. That's what revealed this passion for video and photography some time later.
I got my first camera in 2017 that's when I didn't stop producing images, making video edits and training myself. In 2018 I got into an art and communication school in Lausanne (ERACOM). Where I could learn other things, other software and also ways of working.
After having done a preparatory year in this school I went to a film school in Lausanne (in 2019) where I learned all the conception of a film from A to Z, the techniques, the cinematographic language, etc... During these few years I was able to make music videos, short films, small reports, portraits, animals, landscapes, etc...
Afterwards, I absolutely wanted to join a photo studio or a production company to start an apprenticeship, I dreamed of being in concrete and producing real projects.
Now apprentice at Les Studios Casagrande, it would be with great pleasure that I help you to realize your desires and needs.

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