Pascal has been exploring the world of art therapy since 2016 by participating in Laboo* new media and delivers in this post a bridge deployed between professional photography and research in expressive art therapy. It is thanks to a discussion on the sidelines of aUSPP outing that Luca Delachaux (USPP president) launched "I gladly open my studio and black & white laboratory to you and you can do all the creative experiments you want".
This invitation to revisit the origins of photography and the silver image was very appealing... About ten participants from the lab divided into two groups alternately explored shooting in large format and working in the darkroom. The richness of the results was commensurate with the complexity of the techniques used... This is the art of capturing light and shadow with the original tools.

*Action carried out in collaboration with Atelier Genève and the Association pour l'Atelier Genève.