A photographic animation like PhotMate can unfold even in the presence of water... especially when water is in the spotlight 😉
here to raise awareness of the risks of intensive fishing at sea.
The "Stop Funding Overfishing" day https://stopfundingoverfishing.com was held last June at the Place des Nations.
The organizer had planned an information stand and an ice sculpture with melting fish. A strong symbol to represent this danger.
Our Studios have been mandated to give the public the opportunity to photograph themselves in this space and share their image on social networks.
To achieve these goals, the Studios Casagrande had to invest with :
- a 4G mobile transmission system
- a weighted arbour to protect the equipment from rain and wind
The elements were indeed unleashed that day, fortunately after the official part where a delegation of the WTO was present 😅.
The message has nevertheless been well received and our Studios have, in their own way, allowed a better diffusion of this vital cause for our planet.
thumbnail with video: https: //youtu.be/PTst1Sc4Er0