Les Allumé.es

Light is life... and in these rather dark times when energy is at the heart of concerns, SIG had the good idea to put light on stage by giving carte blanche to several artists. This gave rise to the exhibition "Les Allumé.es" where their luminous works are now visible in the SIG building on the Machine Bridge No. 1 until April 30, 2023, always with the idea of limiting energy consumption in mind. Christian Brunier, general manager of SIG, explained in his inaugural speech, that the whole exhibition will have consumed during its duration the equivalent of a Geneva household!
More info: https://ww2.sig-ge.ch/.../les-allumees-quartier-libre-sig...
Pascal had the privilege of taking the photos of the official inauguration, with several challenges at stake:
- to make visible, without being recognizable, the public that interacts with these installations
- to evolve in an environment where only the works are luminous and the rest is in darkness
- cover both the interior and exterior of the building where two mapping creations are also to be discovered
captions :
Photo 1 (from left to right): Judith Moreau, artist Geneviève Favre Petroff, Ada Laferrere, Sylve Girardet
Photo 2: "Black Widow" by the artist Djeff
Photo 3 : projection of the artist Philippe Echaroux
Photo 4 : the artist Ludo
Photo 5: (from left to right) Judith Moreau from Little Beaux-Arts, Sylvie Girardet from Musée en Herbe, Christian Brunier.