Why use a photographer for portrait photos

Why call a photographer for portrait photos since everyone has an advanced smartphone that often has a portrait mode?

Why call on us... what is the added value of professional photography?

We are a neutral body. Our first goal is to put you at ease, to make you forget the stress to go towards natural poses which emphasize you. Often our customers arrive by backing up... they do not want to put themselves in front of the lens. And in the end, it goes very well, they are proud to present themselves thanks to the images that we realize together. A good photo is 50/50, 50% the subject, 50% the photographer, it is a collaboration.

Portraits for corporate or private clients ?

  • It is most often a business use. It can be a company which calls upon us to carry out portraits of all its collaborators. The idea is to be homogeneous in the way of presenting each person according to an existing graphic line or to create from scratch for this occasion. For example, for a private wealth management company, which sponsored regattas on the lake, we created a luminous atmosphere with elegant blue touches. For small companies, or even individual companies, we will have to be very imaginative to present all the facets of the person, often business/man/woman and craftsman/ne.
  • It can be for his "personal branding" a photo of CV or a photo book, tight framing or "full-length", color or black and white in the case of model, actor, singer etc..
  • There are also private requests. The image is often used to celebrate a wedding, a birthday, a graduation, a retirement or the arrival of a new child with a beautiful family photo. It is a key moment in life. One day a client had lost 10 kilos and wanted to celebrate this new figure. He had a wonderful time and felt a very good new image of himself.
  • There are 1001 different uses that are invented as we go along, our slogan is "your ideas in images" to go a little further together.

What will you use these images for?

  • We immediately think of the website. The trombinoscope is a must even for professions that are not allowed to advertise. Discover who is in the treatment, in the care, in the advice, in the relation with the customers...
  • For social networks, we will go more into something relaxed that attracts a conversation with followers. In the same photo shoot, it is possible to do a series of official and relaxed photos... see as Luc Rosso experimented an official version in 2020 and a more relaxed version in 2022 😉. We adapt to your lifestyle with even recently a request for "special Tinder" photo shoot.
  • It can be for a press article, we realize the photo in the spirit of the article that will or has been realized.
  • And why not a business card or an advertising leaflet to personalize its content and make a lasting impression.
  • Without forgetting the traditional paper enlargement qualitative and irreplaceable, see the printing of a poster where the quality and definition is important since we work in large format.

How to introduce yourself?

  • Clothes don't make the man, but clothes are still important. The way you dress is a key to communication. It's a good idea to take a few outfits to choose from that will allow you to make variations during the shoot, as Ariuna recently experienced in the studio. Be careful to avoid tight patterns (lines or squares) that can produce a zebra effect (moiré) when seen on a screen. Finally, a portrait session is also an opportunity to go to the hairdresser or to treat yourself to the luxury of a makeup artist for both men and women.
  • The time when you take the pictures is important... if you are not a morning person, take the pictures in the afternoon. For a company, choose the right period in relation to your news and when the situation lends itself to it (after restructuring for example).

How long does it take to take the pictures?

  • A professional portrait photo is not a photocall (which can be done at parties in a few moments). It is an in-depth work that is done without an audience.
  • As long as we take time to make images, we have quality, 60 minutes per person is perfect.
  • If the timing is "tight" because there are a lot of people to photograph ... we work in pairs with a zone " shootingtray" 20 minutes per person can play and in parallel my colleague then presents the result that the person photographed validates. In all cases the customer leaves being sure to have the right image/s for his communication.

In what type of environment can the shots be taken?

  • Studio photography with flashes that build the light and different light or dark backgrounds. This environment, completely mastered, allows a quality of privileged relationship where the person can give the best of himself.
  • This can be "in situation" in the working world of the person or teams to give a very concrete result.
  • And why not an ideal situation in a symbolic decor that illustrates its activity according to concept to be mounted for the occasion.

What about broadcasting?

  • Our objective is clearly to facilitate a practical and fast distribution. Studios Casagrande creates private galleries available for life, where everyone can obtain, according to the agreed arrangement, the images in low definition for screen use, high resolution (all rights included) for print use, as well as paper versions to offer for example.
  • Our clients get the images they need. The Studios Casagrande are always at your service to put your ideas into images.