The secret of a good pizza

The secret of a good pizza... is the plate on which it is baked.

Some "polished" photos for the end of the year

A few days ago, Louis, our specialist in culinary photography, had the chance to photograph the wonderful dishes of Kevin Noël who officiates at the restaurant "Le Jardin" in the Richemond Hotel in Geneva

An exotic garden for the 20th anniversary of the Spring Ball

You can support the IRP Foundation, which works in paraplegia research, by investing in one of the 12 animal works created by artists from Western Switzerland.

Clean water for all

Our Studios have at heart to encourage humanitarian projects. Antenna Technologies is a Swiss foundation committed to the research and dissemination of technologies adapted to the essential needs of developing countries.

Sushi Discovery

A selection of images from the large mandate realized for Mikado sushis for the creation of their menu.

Flowers for Valentine's Day

A portrait with flowers is always appreciated.

Crowne Plaza Food

Some dishes recently photographed by Jay at the Crowne Plaza avenue Louis-Casaï in Geneva. In full mutation, this hotel and its restaurant are worth a (re)discovery.

Characters at Time Out

Didier made the pictures of Anne-Sophie's latest puppet creations. You can find them in a big exhibition and sale at the Ferme Rosset from February 22nd to March 10th. Opening on February 22nd at 6pm.

Chocolate Sweetness

Photographing the Cartier chocolates in the Christmas catalog starts with the pleasure of the eyes.