The non-profit organization La Carte Blanche, seen from above

To illustrate its activity report, the association La Carte Blanche wished to take some height and have an image taken from one of its two bucket trucks

window of the Planète Charmille store

Communication in BIG

With initiatives such as "Geneva Zero Ad", is commercial communication still possible?

BCGE Florissant 4.0

As a photographer, it is extremely interesting to follow the different steps of a process and to participate actively in the communication of a company.

The building site bouquet

This event, which brings together companies & their collaborators, financial partners & authorities, marks the end of the structural work and the beginning of the development work.

Ramada Encore - Panoramics 2014

One of the four panoramas made for the Ramada Encore in La Praille.

Restaurant Ô5, architectures

A few days before the opening of the "Ô5″ Restaurant of the Foyer Handicap Foundation (more on this excellent foundation in a future post)

OMC - Panoramic view of the General Council

A unique point of view for this panoramic image of the General Council of the WTO...

Exhibition Fascination Lebanon

Discover the exhibition "Fascination of Lebanon" presented at the Rath Museum, which brings together ten centuries of Lebanese history through a unique collection, exceptionally gathered in one place.

the new atrium of the WTO

A unique space has been created in the heart of the WTO to welcome visitors in full light.

Luxury, calm and pleasure

Shots at Grand Hotel Kempinski - Spa, Lake View