Portrait Photo Pro Geneva

The non-profit organization La Carte Blanche, seen from above

To illustrate its activity report, the association La Carte Blanche https://lacarteblanche.ch wished to take some height and have an image taken from one of its two bucket trucks

Professional Studio Portrait in black suit - panoramic

1001 faces

It is during a networking event that Pascal meets Grégoire. After having exchanged on their respective activities, Gregoire expresses the wish to have the possibility of having professional photo portraits...

Digital Marketing

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Les Studios Casagrande Sàrl and Swiss Advert Studio Sàrl !!!!
2 local SMEs established in Geneva for years that are now able to offer you a special packaging for SMEs to manage your communication campaigns on your social networks

Focus on the team 

Making a team of asset managers visible is also the job of a photographer.

Business / Private Portraits

Rui used a professional photo service for his corporate communication...

Entrepreneur in motion

Presenting the innovation and dynamism of a company is one of the keys of communication which allows to make the difference.

The routes of an exhibition

The photography of paintings is a difficult exercise because it is a question of restoring the color, the texture and the shape of the work as faithfully as possible.

Ramada Encore - Panoramics 2014

One of the four panoramas made for the Ramada Encore in La Praille.